Friday, 2 December 2011

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Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

I have more and more pet peeves of recent. I don't have a problem with love triangles or even thin plots. What I hate is when you can see the twilight inspired love triangle, or the Edward inspired vamp. I like my book boys to have more than one dimension.

Another pet peeve I have is a rushed romance, where they go from 0 to married in three chapters, or the overly angst ridden romance where each page drips with drivel that only emerges when you've had too much to drink and you wake up the next day with some perspective then cringe into the next millennium. Equally both an instant killer to any decent story. If you can't write romance then don't. Some books are perfectly good without it and I would still read them, don't try to appeal to the YA niche just because you can. 

Names are also another peeve of mine. Why do we have to have so many strange and made up names for contemporary fiction. I can understand in HP or if it's a 1000 year old vampire. However the new guy at school will not be called Jasper or Edward. They'll be called Mike, John or Ben.

Finally the most annoying thing imaginable to me is when it's obvious the author is a 50 odd year old women who has watched an episode of One Tree Hill or 90120 and thinks she now understands the mind of the average 17 year old. Then goes on to use phrases like omg and such. I find this very unappealing. At 17 I wasn't massacring the English language so please don't assume people who like YA do either. 

Sorry I have been feeling like a rant all day and what a good question to air them.

Happy Friday hope you all have an amazing weekend, 


  1. Ha - names drive me crazy as well, but even in some fantasy plots I get stuck on a name thinking 'Really? That's what your going with?' occasionally I'll just get driven to distraction and not even be able to finish what I'm reading. I understand 'legacy' names - sometimes Edward comes up because he's actually Edward the 3rd or something, but agreed that they don't find their way into modern day very often.


  2. LOL at the 90210 comment. Totally agree, I've read a couple of books this year that have left me like 0_0 because of the way the 'teen' is represented.

    Names! I'm sure people are going out of their way to come up with more and more ridiculous names. Jasper and Edward are pretty normal in comparison to some of the ludicrous ones I've seen recently.

    The Cait Files


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