Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blood Magic Review

Blood Magic 
Tessa Gratton


"It starts off simply.

Draw a circle ... place a dead leaf in the center ... sprinkle some salt ... recite a little Latin ... add a drop of blood ...

Maybe that last part isn't exactly simple. Yet somehow it feels right to Silla Kennicott. And nothing in her life has felt remotely right since her parents' horrific deaths. She's willing to do anything to uncover the truth about her family—even try a few spells from the mysterious book that arrived on her doorstep ... and spill some blood.

The book isn't the only recent arrival in Silla's life. There's Nick Pardee, the new guy next door who may have seen Silla casting a spell. She's not sure what he saw and is afraid to find out. But as they spend more time together, Silla realizes this may not be Nick's first encounter with Blood Magic. Brought together by a combination of fate and chemistry, Silla and Nick can't deny their attraction. And they can't ignore the dark presence lurking nearby—waiting to reclaim the book and all its power.

Tessa Gratton's intoxicating first novel will keep pulses racing, minds reeling, and pages turning right up to the very last drop of blood." Goodreads

Amy's Adumbrations

Ah what can I say about Blood Magic. It's a compulsive read. It really takes a hold from the first page, and carries through. The first chapter sets a good pace to the story, and there are no filler chapters. The entire book is full of action, and emotion. 

I really connected with Silla, and throughout the book I was hoping for a twist. There wasn't one but Nicky or Nicolas depending softened the blow somewhat. He's kind of like sunshine in the book, and he's also pretty badass.

I found the relationship between Silla and her brother to be very sweet as well, and at one point I was almost tearing up.

The Blood Magic I found to be a great aspect, and really enjoyed some of the spells. It was such an interesting concept. I can't wait to read more about it in the sequel.

Josephine's diary entries were also significant, as it was like having two stories going on at the same time that were interwoven. I love this kind of thing, it was reminiscent of the wicca series by Cate Tiernan. I however did guess the big reveal at the end, but it was built up so much that that was a given.

I truly adored Blood Magic, and would recommend it to anyone. Definitely worth the money.

I give Blood Magic five milky way magic stars.


  1. I've been wanting to read this for ages! Glad to see you enjoyed it. I love books to do with magic! Thanks for the review :).

  2. I want to read this one so bad I just haven't got around to getting it yet! Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. I really enjoyed Blood Magic too, van't wait for the next book!

    Jade @ Ink Scratchers

  4. I just got this one recently but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'll definitely have to read it soon. Thanks for the review!

  5. Great review! This is another one of those unreads books I own, I definitely need to get round to it though because it sounds really good. Ta for the review.

    The Cait Files

  6. Awesome review! I've been wanting to read this book for awhile and I'm glad you liked it. I'll definitely be checking this one out soon.

  7. It's definitely worth a whirl. I really enjoyed it =]

  8. great review! I loved this one too!


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