Friday, 27 May 2011

My first Follow Friday

How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read, or listen to them?

I can read anything upto 7 or 8 if I have that many in my possession. It all depends on how much time I have (which up until recently was very little stupid dissertation), and if i can afford to buy all the books that I want (seemingly an infinite number). I read the first three IM series in a 24 hour period, so, it also depends on how good a book is too. The better the book the quicker I get though it, which is unfortunate sometimes. You can never get that first time read back.

I really want a kindle. For now though i am a bound book kind of girl, which is bad as nowhere to put them. I'm not a big fan of audio books as it feels like you're sharing the experience with somebody else. Reading for me is a solitary thing.

Also hello.



  1. 7-8 books, wow that is impressive! I barely get to 2 per week. I hope you get your Kindle soon. I really love mine :) Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

  2. Heh thanks, more a case of too much time on my hands. Me too, will definitely have to get one soon.

    You too.

  3. Congrats on your first follow friday! I'll definitely be following you as soon as GFC starts working again! I just found out it's not just me lol!

    Hey, I'll be participating in the Once Upon a Read-a-thon as well! Can't wait!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  4. You read the the first three TMI in a day...WOW! I read the first one last year when I was sick (with a high fever). I wanted to read the rest back to back but some one had already checked them out at the library. :)

    new follower

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  5. Aww thank you. It's such a good meme.

    I will return the favour as soon as it gets fixed.

    Me either, really looking forward to now. It's a great excuse to read to my hearts content.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. @Orchid,

    Yeah heh, i was ill and had too many cans of relentless and cough syrup. Plus those books are amazing so wasn't too hard to breeze through them.

    Aww that's not good. Have you managed to read them yet? They are amazing (i am a big Clare fan).

    Thanks for the follow :]

  7. I know what you mean by reading faster when the book is really good. But for me that can also be a downside, because then the books ends really quickly, and I don't like it when good books end!

    My FF

  8. Wow!! 7-8?? That's impressive! I would love to be able to read that many. I'm a really slow reader, apparently. lol!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you in return! Have a great weekend!

  9. Haha yeah that's what i meant too. You only get that first chance to enjoy the book, and if you're rushing it to find out what happens it takes away from the experience. Plus then you have a year or so usually to wait for the next one.

  10. @ Christy, Nah i don't think it's quick reading on my part, i think i just spend too many hours reading.

    Thanks for stopping by and following me. :]

  11. WOW! 7-8?? that is GREAT! I wish I could read that much! And I wish I had the problem of running out of places to put books (i LOVE the covers and just the way books look on a bookshelf)

    new follower definitely! and sorry my following link was broken!!!

  12. @ Sasha, Heh that's okay i will try again, they seem to be choosey about when they work.

    I love it too, when i get my own house i want a room as my own personal libray. Wall to wall with books and then a massive beanbag in the middle.

    I like to plan ahead heh.

    Thanks for hopping by

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just a tip, to follow a blog (even though GFC is down) you can click "Follow" in the little Blogger toolbar at the top.

    I also am not a fan of audio books, I've given them a try several times...I just can't stand the feeling that someone is reading to me!

    New follower.

  14. Hi amy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  15. You're very welcome Theresa.

    And thanks Amanda, i didn't know you could do that. Feel a little silly now heh. So, thanks again.

  16. I'm just visiting from Parajunkee and wanted to let you know that I'm following you now. I absolutely love your blog background.

  17. Thank you Karen, following you too now

  18. Holy that's like a book a day! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following back :]

  19. This was a nice book blogger question. My answer will probably embarrass me in comparison with my peers!

    Follow me back to my blog at prepare to be stunned –

    Thank G-d it’s Follow Friday with a long weekend ahead. Everyone enjoy!

    Howard A. Sherman

  20. Thanks for stopping by! have a great weekend!

  21. Hey Amy, just stopping by on the follow & hop! Thank you so much for visiting me. I just love the title of your blog. I'm ur newest follower.
    Have a terrific weekend reading !!!
    See ya!
    Readaholics Anonymous

  22. Hey commenting back from FF. FYI, blogger is acting dumb again so yes, everyone's follow button should be down. I thank Parajunkee for the info. but should be back soon. Happy Friday =DDDD

    Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  23. @Mariya, heh yeah i realised after a while. Some worked though so didn't know if it was a general thing.

    Happy Friday!

  24. I've been waiting on saving up a little bit of money to get a Nook and I finally caved. Maybe I'll actually be able to read more. ^_^ I'll be a new follower as soon as it starts working for me! Here's my FF:

  25. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I am following back, even though we can't see that pesky widget at the moment, and look forward to reading your posts.

  26. I can't even begin to imagine how expensive feeding a habit of 7-8 books a week would be! I love my Kindle but I still prefer actual books unless I'm traveling.
    I think I'm now a new follower of your blog. GFC won't show up but I clicked follow in the little bar at the top of the page!

    Thanks for stopping by Bitten Books :)

  27. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower. I wish I had time to finish 7-8 books a week! Impressive.

  28. 7-8 is a huge number lol! I can only get through 1-2 books per week. And you're definitely not the only person without a Kindle! I JUST recently got mine but almost no one I know has one! And I totally agree about reading a book faster if I'm enjoying it. That always happens! Have a great weekend! ;)


  29. Oh! And I'm also commenting because you said my follow box was down. Sorry about that! Blogger keeps doing that!


  30. 7-8! Excellent. I'm lucky for 2 full books.

    Love your blog and I'm a new follower.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

  31. @ Carrie, you too.

    @BookMarcblogpants, heh thank you for following back, it's much appreciated

    @Kaity, ah it is a very expensive habit so happens that i am without a book sometimes

    @Loren, i am following you back now, thanks for replying

    @BookBelle, you're very welcome and thank you.

  32. Wow, you must read really fast! I'm so jealous. :)

    P.S. NO you can't have my Kindle! lol *shakes head* I still lovers it...but it's just not the same as turning the page so if I have the choice, I choose a bound book first. But, I do love my Kindle for Netgalley and other short stories and stuff that don't come out in bound format. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog hop/follow friday as well!

    ♥ Sarah

  33. Wow, that's a lot of books in a week. I'm impressed! I'm not into ebooks or audiobooks either, just the "real" ones :)

    Glad to have found your blog via someone else's blog - can't remember whose :(

  34. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by our blog. That's a lot of books, wow, you read super fast!!! ;) I'm following you back now!

    Under The Covers

  35. @ Sarah, aww was hoping you'd be like "here you go". I guess i'll have to get my own now ;]

    @Susan, aww thanks. Yeah it's definitely all about the 'real' ones

    @UnderTheCover, thank you so much

  36. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love my kindle -- but I'll never give up "real" books either. Happy Reading!

  37. Wow you must read really fast! I agree, reading is a solitary thing and audio does take some of that away. Thank you so much for stopping by my page and for the follow! Oh and Welcome to follow friday! New Follower (now that the darn thing is working).

  38. Ang, thank you so much. Yeah i like the pictures and voices in my own head. Audio kind of ruins that.

    And yay, so glad it's fixed!

  39. Thanks for visiting and following Amy! I am now following you back. That is an impressive number!


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