Tuesday, 14 June 2011

30books30days Update 2

So, I am offficially behind. I've just managed to finish the 7th book. Didn't really think about moving back from uni and how much stuff I needed to do with graduation etc. Results day on Friday so will either be happy or very sad.

Now on to the update. 

Read this week:
  • Wildfire - Wonderful, Review to follow at some point in the future.
  • Ordinary Beauty - Great read, although not what i'm used to.
  • Trouble - Quick read
  • Sleight - Amazing, review to follow...sooner rather than later.
I am running out of things I really want to read now which is unfortunate.


  1. I've just finished my 7th too*sigh* not only did I have to move back home, I'm also swapping rooms round with my mum so had to pack all that stuff up too. soooo busy. I really didn't like wildefire :P I'm glad you liked Sleight though! It is pretty amazing.

  2. Don't feel bad I haven't done that great on my challenge either. I've only read 5 books so far.
    Working fulltime and trying to read as much as possible is really hard :(.

    You should try out Shade/Shift I love that series. :)

    Neri @
    In The Name Of Books


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